Feigin Architects are the leading architectural firm in Israel in the field of Hospitality and Leisure.
Over the years we have delivered large and complex projects of all categories, such as: Hotels, Vacation units, Attractions, Residential complexes, Commercial, Offices and more.

The firm has completed 120 hotel projects in Israel and abroad.

Our Studio collaborates with the leading Israeli and International Hotel operators and brands, such as Intercontinental, Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Le Meridien, Kempinski, Hyatt, Setai, Isrotel, Fattal Leonardo nyx, and many others.

We believe that all clients are approached with the understanding that they expect a complete answer to all their unique needs. A key to good planning is defining the needs of the consumer, and excellence in planning is of upmost importance while keeping completely within both budget and deadlines.

This approach helps our Studio triumphantly succeed in satisfying our clients. We see it as our obligation to provide all our clients with personal, professional service, and therefore involve office leadership in all aspects of a project from early planning through its final details. In parallel, the office guarantees that all of its projects fulfill the most rigorous standards and are performed by dedicated professionals who are experts at finding the ideal complete solution for every project.

The Studio’s organizational structure has been molded through years of experience to efficiently and effectively handle all aspects of a given project, and is broken down into management, planning and design, town planning, and building permits. Each project is assigned a senior architect who is in charge of a team of architects and technicians, and is responsible for the coordination with the various consultants and for the collaboration with other departments in the firm. This enables employees the ability to focus on their particular task, streamlining the planning process, saving time and resulting in quality service. The Office’s Staff utilizes from 50 to 55 office professionals, (depending on the workload), which may include architects, draftsmen, 3D modelers and others.

In addition all of our clients benefit from the full range of professional services including architecture interior design, landscape design, town planning, strategic consulting, and programing.
  • Yehuda Feigin

  • Dov Feigin

  • Yoel Feigin


Late architect Yehuda Feigin is the founder of Feigin Architects. In 1963 Yehuda opened his Architectural practice in Tel Aviv.
Over the years, he developed a standard for ‘Modern Israeli’ architectural design unrivalled in its field by drawing from his characteristic and unique artistic approach to planning and design, each of his projects represents a articulate, singular architectural creation.

Dov and Yoel Feigin degreed in Architecture and Town planning at the Technion University, Haifa, in the early nineties and soon joined Yehuda. Yehuda and Yoel collaborate in all aspects of the projects together. Yoel exceptionally compliments his father creations by working and developing the design of the buildings and the execution of the projects. Architect Dov Feigin is the studio manager and oversees operation, marketing and New Technologies of the office.
  • Ruth Ramon

Associate Architects

Ruth Ramon has been an Associate Architect at Feigin Architects since the 1990's. Ruth has an extensive experience in Hospitality, Residential and Public Projects Architecture. She degreed in Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion University in Haifa.

Over the years Ruth has acquired a wide experience in design disciplines specializing in complicated Hospitality and Leisure Projects Design and Execution of large-scale Projects and has been an important pillar of Feigin Architects and will continue to contribute to Feigin Architects projects in the future. Ruth has overseen many of the office's Hospitality and Leisure Project such as the Princess Hotel Eilat, David Intercontinental Tel Aviv, Barkan Winery at Kibbutz Hulda, Hotel Beresheet Mizpe Ramon, Waldorf-Astoria Jerusalem, Kempinski Tel Aviv, Isrotel Orient Jerusalem and many more.


  • The people listed here are among those who have worked in the firm of Feigin Architects since 1963 and assisted in bringing to life the projects presented in this website.
    Ramon Ruth
    Holstein Yanush
    Kirshon Moshe
    Shamshines Uri
    Ziss Rani

    Berlin Helena
    Brauner Yael
    Chiche Dalia
    Elor Eli
    Goldstein Irena
    Greenberg Shalva
    Gross Hans
    Kovnat Raya
    Kremer Moshe
    Lerer Lillian
    Lev-Ari Dana
    Lev Rina
    Lindner Karin
    Messenberg Iris
    Mishan Benny
    Nemoy Ana
    Nevado-Macias Juan
    Passok Baruch
    Puch Nili
    Riabinin Galina
    Reisinger Yoram
    Shanan Kati
    Shani Shlomo
    Shoshani Benny
    Tirosh Zamir
    Wiseman Larry
    Yosef Eddy
    Yosifov Albert
    Zeretsky Elena
    Zweighaft Meir

    Afek Zvi
    Amsalem Liron
    Ben Ezra Osnat
    Bogomolny Dima
    Brod Inessa
    Brodsky Marina
    Brookstein Armand
    Bernstein Olga
    Burkis Ilya
    Carreau Livia
    Caspi Shlomi
    Chen Michal
    Cohen Carine
    Dagan Assaf
    Davni Tali
    Doron-Luxemburg Liat
    Dukhovnikov Nadia
    Eliav Bezalel
    Falik Esti
    Farhanbod Diana
    Feiga Hadar
    Gaier Or
    Gazit Danielle
    Gershoni Adi
    Gilad Amir
    Ginzburg Liza
    Golan Neta
    Hadari Tali
    Herb Yishai
    Hochman Yonatan
    Kalzman Ruty
    Kanavsky Galina
    Karl Gregory
    Katz Dina
    Katz Igor
    Kolikov Roslan
    Korin Ofer
    Kremer Dalia
    Langer Galina
    Levi Avivit
    Lior Maya
    Madker Shir
    Matalon Naomi
    Meron Vicky
    Mezuman Eran
    Miller Lev Hamutal
    Mochnik Semyon
    Naor Ariel
    Pila Ariel
    Ratzaby Nili
    Reznitzky Asia
    Rind Shaul
    Rosenhak Ethel
    Schiff Sara
    Segal Alona
    Shnan Kety
    Swarovski David
    Timor Roni
    Tzarfati Roni
    Uziel Yosef
    Vitowitzky Roman
    Weizmann Anna
    Weisglas Naomi
    Weir Healey
    Weinreb Nethanel
    Yozis Ronen
    Zitomarsky Alfred
    Zahiry Nurit
    Amadi Limor
    Bar Sheshet Or
    Ben Moshe Daniel
    Benyovitz Carla
    Carl Gregory
    Chen Michal
    Cohen Etty
    Cohen Sharon
    DaSouza Ilan
    Dysman Yael
    Feigin May
    Garbali Michael
    Gashinov Dorin
    Grinberg Irina
    Grotmann Karmela
    Haimov Ina
    Kantor Maayan
    Ken Orly
    Kirshon Zehava
    Koshit Ronit
    Krasiov Anastasia
    Kreuter Rodion
    Levi Galit
    Mashiach Devorah
    Master Daniel
    Matides Mercedes
    Migdal Uri
    Petel Dan
    Purim Yaniv
    Rinat Ronit
    Sanderson Dafna
    Senens Itay
    Shay Hagit
    Shuliyan Rachel
    Skaler Miriam
    Sulha Naama
    Tali Ariela
    Tushinsky Assaf
    Weissburg Boris
    Zakay Gila
    Zioni Shay
    Zuckermann Galit

    Cohen Nahman
    Landler Eran
    Stop Debbie

    Petel Avigdor

    Ben Shatz Shiran
    Cohen Einat
    Elmaliach Osnat
    Elmaliach Sima
    Feigin Shiri
    Harpaz Carmela
    Jacobovitz Yuval
    Katz Ola
    Kimchi Nava
    Malka Etty
    Mezhubovsky Greta
    Oscar Limor
    Richter Zohara
    Shimon Nimrod